About Me

I'm a Turku based freelancer photographer, graphic designer and an occasional writer. I've worked self-employed full-time for over 12 years, being continuously excited of challenging myself with new, interesting projects and learning from and with other people. I'm also a sparetime musician and a student of musicology and North American studies at Turku University.

When I'm not working or playing guitar, I love to spend time at the wilderness, practise my mediocre tennis skills and spend time with my 4 kids and my beautiful wife.

This site focuses mainly on my photography work, but I've included here also some graphic design and published texts throughout years. Please feel free to contact me for job opportunities, questions or general feedback at any time.

Some excellent professionals and companies that I've enjoyed working with and who I can recommend from my whole heart are: Zeeland Family, NitroRaeven Visual, HehkumediaSaut, Jarno Terho Photography, Tapp Commerce and Mediafocus.




+358 45 676 3268

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